It has been over a month since the last update, so it is definitely time for a new one. We got quite some requests, so the list is rather long this time:

  • OGS Majong got a new update, adding new features as well as fixing some bugs
  • First version of the capture-the-flag-type-game Nina Flag was released
  • A nice little puzzle game called Magick Brick, which was created at the Shanghai game-jam, was showcased
  • The WIP visual shader editor as part of the Alimer Game Engine was demonstrated in a video
  • Ogre Meshy v.13 was released
  • The upcoming Particle Universe v1.5 was previewed
  • New iteration of the space simulation project Void Destroyer was showcased
  • The promising Victory: The Age of Racing team announced the close beta phase and showcased their last E3 trailer
  • Lumen Digital released a video showing one of their Ogre and Kinect based simulations
  • Ogre Procedural got extended by great new features such as SVG support
  • A first version of an adaption of the multi modeling format converter Assimp named OgreAssimpConverter was released by jacmoe
  • metaldev released a series of great video tutorials, explaining how to create models in Maya for the LFA Scene Manager
  • The VDrift and Ogre based  game Stund Rally reached version v1.2 and released some new in-game videos
  • Two great new wiki articles covering two different phong shader (one with cube and one with sphere mapping) were created by toglia
  • A first preview of the virtual fitting room project called FitNect was released

Aditionally: Still a lot is going on in our four Google Summer of Code projects. If you are interested, check this dedicated subforum area.

Also, please participate in our Ogre User Survey 2011, if you haven’t already. The survey is still running until the 31th of August. Afterwards, we will then publish the results.