It has been quite some time since we came around posting another news flash. We are sorry for that, but let’s focus on the bright side: This one is going to be a huge post 🙂 . So here it goes:

  • Project Aftershock released some new amazing screenshots
  • The commercial game “Heavy Hogur – Dwarf Puzzler!” has been released
  • Assaf Raman ported Ogre to Google’s Native Client (NaCl) along with a nice guide and a demo
  • The commercial game “Garshasp – The Monster Slayer” got video coverage on BBC News
  • The “Run3 game engine” using Ogre specifically for FPS-type games was showcased
  • First demo for the game “The long way” utilizing the above mentioned “Run3 game engine” was released
  • Marble Madness clone (Atari) called “YAMM – Yet another Marble Madness” created by a team of the Braunschweig University of Technology was released
  • OgreSpeedTree has been discountinued, but source code is still available through your IDV SpeedTree representative
  • Nice little game called “Stained” has been announced
  • New volumetric terrain implementation as part of a bachelor paper was showcased
  • Integration of berklium + jsLINB was showcased
  • Online FPS engine called “SilverTech Engine” was previewed
  • The first person tower defense game named FPTD was released
  • Screenshots of the Ogre-rendered movie “Turin – Before the city” were released
  • The creation of the space epic “Salvation Prophecy” is reaching its final phase by showcasing some new impressions
  • New Ogre particle editor called “Ogre Particle Lab” was released
  • EZPhysics library was updated to work with Ogre 1.x versions
  • New version of the Ogre-powered 3D music player MMiX.Me was released
  • The Jade:DS games distribution platform was successfully launched with three Ogre powered games
  • A new version of OpenSpace3D with a lot of new features was released

Additionally: All Google Summer of Code projects have been completed successfully and all changes have already been merged into the official Ogre code repositories.

We as the Ogre team have also started preparing a new release, namely a first RC for Ogre 1.8 and we plan to publish the final stable version right on the turn of the year. More information can be found in this thread.

Your Ogre3D team