Once again, we can happily announce a new addition to our official Ogre3D development team: Murat Sari, alias wolfmanfx.

He will be mainly covering the often-requested Ogre3D Android port as well as help out with scene management improvements and RTSS / material system related developments.

Murat ‘Wolfmanfx’ Sari
wolfmanfxTeam Role: Android port maintainer + General work with scene management / RTSS / Material system
Location: Austria, Leoben
Contact: murat.sari@REMOVESPAMogre3d.org
About: Murat has a B.Sc in Software Engineering and a Master in Computer Graphics and has been working with OGRE since 2005. He started programming 16 years ago on TI-92 (Basic) and did his first game on it. His primary work since university involved data visualization with real time sensor data but at night he does open source programming – because he loves to share. At present he is working as a freelance general purpose application/game programmer and also taught a “Game Programming” course with OGRE this year.


Glad to have you on-board!