After we were able to announce some days ago that we could win Murat Sari as our official Android port maintainer, we we are now very happy to tell you that we got yet another new addition to our Ogre3D dev team:

Jan Drabner (alias TheSHEEEP) joined as the official MinGW port maintainer!

Team Role: MinGW Maintainer
Location: Berlin, Germany
About: Jan currently works as a Technical Director at a message entertainment company in Berlin, programming mainly in C/C++ and ActionScript 3. He came into first contact with Ogre during his apprenticeship of Game Design and 3D Programming at the Games Academy and felt comfortable with the engine and the community, so he stayed and followed the further development of the engine. When he also started using Ogre at his job, he decided that it was about time to do something for the community and joined the team in July 2012 as MinGW maintainer.

Welcome to the official Ogre3D dev team!