We are happy to spread the word about yet another great addition to the Ogre3D eco system: Noesis GUI. It is a GUI library currently in the closed beta phase that relies on SVG graphics that are “converted back to triangles in real time with a powerful GPU-assisted tessellation algorithm. This allows for resolution independent user interfaces with optimum quality.” The whole rasterization process takes place on the GPU with custom shader implementations.The very nice thing about the library is, that it uses XAML as the source data which enables developers to utilize the existing XAML tools they are already accustomed with. Other features include 3D projection, extensive animation capabilities, skinning and an efficient C++ API.

Some days ago, they now officially released an Ogre binding for their library that was created by our Ogre3D team member Murat Sari (wolfmanfx). It is available for everyone participating in the closed beta program.

Access to the beta as well as further information can be found on their website: http://www.noesisengine.com/
If you are looking for technical details on how their libraries works, check out that blog entry: Technology behind NoesisGUI

NoesisGUI from Noesis Technologies on Vimeo.