Hi community,

this time we want to quickly highlight some projects that were brought to our attention (some more recently than others) that we would like to share with you:

1. Vitrum

A first-person 3D platformer created by a 3-man team (9heads) based out of Brazil. The created their own game engine solemnly composed of free and open-source components such as Ogre3D and Bullet. About the game:

“In Vitrum the player will be able to explore some cool gameplay mechanics, such as materializing crystal platforms, jumping very high and inverting the gravity (this is specifically where we’re innovating in this game, it took us a lot of effort and time but we believe we achieved some good results, the 3D gravity inversion mechanics feels very responsive and functional).”

They are currently listed in the Steam Greenlight Section, so if you like the game, please give them your vote: Vitrum on Greenlight

2. Cub Cub

A little compact round-based strategy game for two players. It was developed by a couple of students of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences during the summer semester of 2010. Check it out at: http://cubcub.multimediaart.at/

3. Stained

Stained is a side-scrolling puzzle platforming project created by the indie studio RealAxis Software and is currently available on Impulse (www.impulsedriven.com/stained) and Desura (www.desura.com/games/stained).

“Stained features a heavy emphasis on stained glass and combat. Solving puzzles and progressing through a haunted castle requires you to manipulate stained glass windows in your surroundings, turning them into platforms, and even battling them after they’ve transformed into monsters.

How we felt using Ogre:
Stained was developed entirely using open-source software. Modeling and level design was done in Blender, the graphics are powered by OGRE, and the Bullet drives the physics engine. We were able to make “Stained” because of “Ogre”. Its open-source nature and huge community backing is really advantageous to any small indie project. I would say “Ogre” remains the best choice of 3D graphics engine to date.

I want to thank to all Ogre team member for maintaining such a nice library and community for providing support. Special thanks for having this in Ogre:

  • Blender to Ogre Exporter
  • RTShader Library
  • Ogre Bullet Integration Code”

Launch Trailer on Youtube: Link
Gameplay Video on Youtube: Link

4. Skyline Game Engine

Skyline is a game engine aimed at the indie market with the aim to stop re-inventing the wheel and to make game engine tech more friendly to the game developer/artist.

The engine is currently in an alpha stage (searching for alpha testers and early adopters), but looks quite promising already. More information on the latest release and features can be found in their news log entry.