As some of you folks already noticed we closed our Mantis tracker some days ago and we now completed our move to JIRA. It will from now on serve as our single point of contact for everything related to bug tickets, feature requests and patch handling.

You can find it here: Ogre3D @ JIRA

All open tickets from Mantis have been transferred and the team already started to adopt the new tool.

In order to report a bug you will need to quickly set up an account there, which is a necessary step to ensure that we have some contact information to get back to you in case of further needed clarification regarding tickets you created, as well as preventing hoax tickets. Even if you don’t have anything to report at the moment, setting up an account offers some perks such as the possibility to watch (aka subscribe to) specific tickets that you are interested in and then get notifications once they are updated.

There is also another area that we want to improve in our change/contribution process: From now on we would ask everyone who would like to contribute to the Ogre3D code base, to do so by providing a pull request on BitBucket rather than submitting patches in the form of files.More information on how to do so can be found on the updated “Submit Patch” page.

The reason for that is the increased efficiency and time-saving thanks to an easier merge process. In rare cases we might accept a contribution provided via the old approach, but we’d really appreciate if everyone could lighten the burden on the team by providing pull request instead. Thanks a lot!

We are looking forward to see you on JIRA and engage with the team there to drive Ogre3D forward!

In case you have any ideas or suggestions on how to further improve our processes as well as the usage of JIRA, let us know!