First of all:

We as the Ogre3D Team wish each and every one a healthy, happy and successful year 2013!

We are a looking forward to see more great projects based upon our beloved engine and we definitely have some interesting times ahead of us. So let’s start marching.

That being said, we have two things we want to draw your attention to:

1. NeoAxis released a new version 1.3 of their engine

They added various new features, such as:

  • SSAO (Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion)
  • Heightmap Based Terrain Improvements
  • Lens Flare Manager
  • Platformer Demo with 2D physics
  • Pathfinding Demo

More details can be found in their announcement.

2. Interview with Sean Lindskog (developer of the Ogre based game Salvation Prophecy)

If you want some insight into the indie development process and challenges, have a look at the interview.