Download OGRE

Note: OGRE is not one but two “sister” projects. They are related, but they are not the same – Checkout What version to choose?


Pre-built SDK

We recommend you to build Ogre from source to make it match your needs (debug/ release, C++11 options etc.). The “install” target will generate you the SDK that you can then use for your project.

In the case of Ogre-next, the quick start scripts will generate the SDK for you.

If you are new to using OGRE you can find information in a series of tutorials.

Development Snapshot

for Ogre 1.12

OGRE1 MSVC SDK master snapshotMSVC15, x64, Python 3.7, Java JNI, .NET
OGRE1 Android SDK master snapshotJava JNI, arm64-v8a NEON, API level 16
OGRE1 Documentation snapshothosted on

Current Stable Release (Ogre 1.12)

New and Noteworthy

stable API until April 2021. List of known issues

OGRE 1.12.5 source16. February 2020Changelog, does not include imgui
OGRE 1.12.5 Android SDK16. February 2020 Java JNI, arm64-v8a NEON, API level 16
OGRE 1.12.5 MSVC SDK16. February 2020MSVC15, x64, Python 3.7, Java JNI, .NET
Linux Distribution Packagesonly Arch & Gentoo Linux recommended

Previous Release (Ogre 1.11)

New and Noteworthy

OGRE 1.11.6 source30. April 2019Changelog
OGRE 1.11.4 Android SDK29. November 2018armeabi-v7a, API level 16
OGRE 1.11.6 MSVC SDK30. April 2019MSVC15, x64, Python 3.7, Java JNI

Language bindings

Ogre can be fully used in Python, C# and Java (also on Android) using the included Components that build on SWIG.


Here you can download prebuilt samples/demos so you can take OGRE for a spin. You can also find a lot of other applications made with OGRE, many with freely downloadable demos, via the Showcase and the Showcase Forum.

OGRE Official Demos Distribution (Linux)
Universal linux snap package
OGRE Official Demos Distribution (Android)
APK via the F-Droid store
OGRE Official Demos Distribution (Windows)SDK package includes precompiled demos
OGRE-next Official Demos (Windows)Includes the Release SDK package only