Great looking 3D medical simulation made with Ogre3D

We are very happy that for a change we are able to showcase you a non-gaming application powered by Ogre3D, and a really good looking as well.

It is called Anomalous Medical of the same name company and – as the name suggests – a medical simulation. More exactly it is a medial framework based around the human head, meaning that it offers a very detailed and anatomically correct model of a human head that you can move around, look into and examine in various other ways. What makes it a framework is the fact that partners as well as Anomalous Medical can now create a wide variety of apps (covering dental issues, nerve blocks, certain muscles areas, etc.) that can be loaded in to deal with specific medial situations and defects. The whole idea behind this product:

Our apps and simulations are designed to assist 21st century medical professionals to save time, to enhance the image of their practice and, most important, to better communicate with patients.

The base application is free for everyone.  Only the medical apps as well as certain advanced editor features have to be bought in their store. For more information, download links and additional images, please check out their website.