At this year’s Web3D conference in Brisbane a new Ogre based X3D viewer, called x3ogre, was presented.

X3D is an ISO specified file format for 3D file transmission and interchange which is now natively available to Ogre.
The Web3D is a scientific conference concerning technologies like WebGL, X3D and glTF.

The presented viewer is called x3ogre and provides a layer for loading and manipulating X3D files inside Ogre.
Vice versa the Ogre Material and Mesh formats also become accessible inside X3D files.

To put the viewer on the Web the x3ogre leverages Emscripten and the GLES2 RenderSystem to get translated to WebGL2 and WebAssembly.

The MIT licensed implementation is available on github.

Even if you have no interest in using X3D, this is a good reference how to put Ogre on the Web and do JavaScript interoperability.