During the period of Jan 10. – February 10. we received 54 replies. At the same time the ogre 13.2.4 Windows SDK alone was downloaded 2188 times. So while the results are insightful, they are probably not representative.

When it comes to RenderSystems, we finally see a significant drop for the legacy systems (D3D9, GL). This will allow us to focus on new features only supported on modern APIs. However, I doubt the numbers for Vulkan, given how recent the Vulkan addition was.

The most relevant result for further development is likely the question of target audience. Here, we see an increase of the enthusiast portion at the cost of the Enterprise one. I take it as we can sacrifice some API stability to gain modern rendering techniques when moving forward.

The following one is also interesting, as the HLMS was dropped with Ogre 13 and the inclusion in the poll is a copy/ paste error. I guess that any component with less than 18 votes is not actually used, but people were merely ticking every option.

As always statistics are lies though, so better take a look at the actual numbers yourself.

Specific replies

Following the #MeanTweets idea I also wrote some short replies to the criticism, that you can read below:

Hacky compute shader API/ Easier to use compute shader API.

Without knowing actual usage-patterns, everything is merely guesswork. Please open an issue for discussing how you think the API can be improved.

Sometimes information is hard to get (I can’t find anything about “Nodes inherit transform” for instance, which is a shame.)

The CMake Options are documented here in the manual.

Lack of documentation and new tutorial samples/ documentation access/ make better docs

My own impression was that documentation is in pretty good shape nowadays. If you feel a specific topic is lacking, please open an issue describing it.

Not a clear way of using things like a PBR workflow/ modern rendering pipeline

Out of the box PBR support arrived with 13.3. blender2ogre still needs an update to export such materials though.

Entered patreon email adresses

These are obviously only relevant if you