After the last ecosystem updates were part of the release announcements, we pick up the tradition of making a dedicated post about what is going on around Ogre.

Table of Contents

Ogre 14.2.6 release

The Ogre 14.2 release got 6th point release which is fully binary compatible with 14.2.0 and fixes many bugs and allows building with recent Vulkan SDK and SWIG releases. It is recommended for all users on 14.2.x to upgrade.

Ogre Meshviewer

Thanks to the contributions by “Guillermo Ojea Quintana” as well as by some polishing of yours truly the ogre-meshviewer 24.06 release brings many useful new features like:

  • A tabletop camera mode with a ground grid similar to blender
  • an open file-dialog and a reloading option
  • picking of the individual meshes in a .scene
  • support of orthographic projection
  • multiple layout improvements in the UI


After about 1 year of development involving multiple contributors, especially with great efforts by “Guillermo Ojea Quintana”, blender2ogre 0.9.0 was released. It brings important additions like:

  • support for blender 4.x
  • import and export is now 10x faster
  • export sky boxes into .scene
  • support for recent OgreMeshUpgrader options like -pack and -optvtxcache
  • support manually specified mesh LOD levels
  • initial support for OgreNext .json materials