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I’ve linked my Twitter account from the OGRE Team page for a while now, but I’ve been told that’s not really obvious enough!

So, if you want to follow my tweets related to OGRE, graphics & tech in general, and occasionally some random other stuff, here’s my Twitter page. In the interests of making it easier to find in future, I’ve added a link to the navigation bar on the left too.


OGRE 1.7.0 (final) [Cthugha] Released!

We’re very pleased to announce that OGRE 1.7.0 (Cthugha) has now been released, this version is now considered to be our stable release branch.

As usual you can find everything on the downloads page, and details of the changes since RC1 after the jump. You might also want to look at the original 1.7.0RC1 release announcement to see the major new features that were added in 1.7.

Source releases and Windows SDKs are up now. Edit: SDKs for OS X,  MinGW, and Ubuntu PPA are now up too.



Nir Hasson joins the team (officially!)

We’re pleased to announce that Nir Hasson has joined the OGRE Team! Now, those of you who have been in the community for a while all know Nir anyway, and also know that he’s been contributing code directly for a while, particularly his RTShaderSystem component for generating shaders which made its debut in Ogre 1.7. As such, he’s been operating as a member of the team in all but name for some time, and he’s only held off accepting an official badge because his plans for the immediate future were uncertain.

So, we’re glad that he’s agreed to join the team officially now – welcome aboard Nir! In practice it’s business as usual, but he has his well-deserved official badge now 🙂

We have an official mascot!

sinbad_ogremascotOgre’s been going for almost 10 years now, and in all this time we’ve never had an official mascot character. Well, now we do! 🙂

Zi Ye (aka ‘omniter’) has been with us since Google Summer of Code 2009, and has proven himself not only skilled in the art of coding, but also skilled in the art of.. well, art! He took it upon himself to create an animated character in the spirit of Ogre, and has clearly succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

Zi has named the new character ‘Sinbad’, and modelled him on a hybrid of our original Ogre logo and that of a certain well-known sea-faring character, whose name Steve Streeting, the founder and project lead of Ogre, adopted as his development & community alias many, many years ago. He has animations for idling (strangely my personal favourite because it exudes so much character), walking, jumping, drawing and putting away his swords, 2 types of attack and, curiously, a dance routine 🙂 He stars in a new sample where he can be controlled by the user, which  demonstrates character control and also using tag points to attach related items (the swords) to a skeleton.

This will all be included in the next release of Ogre 1.7, or you can access it now from the 1.7 Subversion branch. There’s also a video available of a slightly earlier version of the demo. ‘Sinbad’ is available for free use in other applications too so long as you don’t try to charge money for him.

Huge thanks to Zi for doing this! If you want to congratulate him yourself, here’s his development thread on the subject.

Zero Gear Released, Free Week on Steam

This week marks the release of Zero Gear, the fun kart-racing game from NimbleBit that uses Ogre for rendering. Here’s their press release:

January 12th marks the official release date of the PC kart game Zero Gear by NimbleBit! For the low price of only $19.99 you can beat up your friends in 18 different levels, in customizable karts and characters. Play with physically based weapons, earn achievements and compete in many different game modes.

To help get you into the actions with your friends, Zero Gear is also offered in a 4-pack for $39.99. Thats 50% off each copy!

Still not satisfied? Take your friends and try the full game for FREE this entire week! Zero Gear will be free to play on Steam until Jan. 18th! If you are STILL on the fence, lets keep it 25% off for the entire week. Get Zero Gear now or be sorry later!!11!

Congratulations to the guys at NimbleBit on their release!