Skyline Game Engine reaches public beta

With all the crazy news about many high-profile game engines either dropping their prices or getting rid of them completely (with a royalty catch of course), we want to highlight one new game engine that uses Ogre as its rendering component: Skyline by Aurasoft.

The just entered the public beta stadium and published their new website.

Thanks to your awesome Ogre3D rending solution we can focus on leveraging superb visuals and cannot wait to see what we can do with Ogre V2.0.

Skyline has now been released as a public beta with both a free and retail version. The retail version is fully commercial with no royalties or earning restrictions and is a low cost game development solution. We have a new website and forums complete with an asset store (which still under dev):

Below a few screenshots of their editor and some sample scenes. More can be viewed directly on the engine’s website.

They were also featured some weeks ago in the IGM. Check out the article here.

Skyline main site:

Skyline forums:

Skyline asset store:


Ogre3D based “NeoAxis” game engine now free

This time we have something new from the Ogre3D eco system: The Ogre3d based game engine “NeoAxis” has just been released for free.


NeoAxis Group Ltd is glad to announce that the universal 3D development framework NeoAxis 3D Engine is now completely free, as the community has been asking for it. You can freely download the recently published SDK 3.0, which includes all the features previously reserved to Unlimited and Source licences. From now, the engine will developed as free tool. Paid licenses will still give customers access to a bigger part of the engine’s source code.

Licensing Changes

NeoAxis 3D Engine is available in 3 editions, each providing a different level of access to the engine’s source code.

  • Free Edition — free development environment, which includes all features of the engine and tools. Includes the ability to expand the engine by creating add-ons.
  • Professional Edition — includes the full source code of the engine’s tools and bigger access to the source code of the engine components.
  • Source Edition — includes full source code of the engine.

Read the full announcement on the NeoAxis blog.

“Game Engine Architecture” by Jason Gregory

gameenginearchitectureWe’d like to bring to the attention of the community that the new book Game Engine Architecture has just been released, extensively covering the practical issues associated with constructing a full game engine. In the book, Ogre is frequently used as an example of how various engine components can be designed and implemented. It covers subjects from OS and foundation systems, resource management and rendering, animation, collision and physics, and all the way up to the game world object model that ties them all together.  Target audience includes amateurs learning about game development, college students taking game engineering majors or minors, junior members of industry, and even senior folks who are specialized and want to learn more about the rest of the engine.

The book is written by Jason Gregory, a veteran of the game industry, programmer at Naughty Dog, and lecturer at the University of Southern California, where he runs a game development course which also makes regular use of Ogre.  We’re very proud to be featured in the book, which is currently receiving very positive reviews on, and, and certainly recommend that you check it out!

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