Ogre 2010

With the year 2010 soon coming to an end, it is time for us as the Ogre Community to look back on this eventful past year. It is time to think about all the amazing moments and the enormous progress we made, but it is also time to bring back some of the sad moments. Unfortunately, they are inseparably chained together in that funny thing called life we all struggle through.


OGRE Will Switch To The MIT License from 1.7

This is a very important announcement: from the upcoming new stable version of OGRE, OGRE 1.7 aka “Cthugha”, we will be switching to the MIT License. The MIT license is a simpler and more permissive license than the LGPL, which we have used so far and will continue to apply up to and including all releases of OGRE v1.6. OGRE v1.7 is currently available as a preview from Subversion, but will slowly become the new stable version in the next few months.

We arrived at this licensing decision in the last month, and decided to make the community aware of it in advance so you could incorporate it into your plans. After the jump there are more details of the reasoning for this decision, and  answers to some common questions.

We hope this announcement will be received positively by the community, and that the simpler licensing arrangements will provide even more incentive for people to get involved in using and extending OGRE in the future.