Those of you who have been around Ogre for some time might remember that back in 2022, we conducted a survey about our user base. The results of which can be found here.

For the Ogre 14 development cycle we would like to assess to correctly emphasize the development on the most used features.

So for the next four weeks until the 25th of February, you have the chance to participate and help us to get an impression about our user base, how Ogre is used and share some wishes for the future. Simply follow the link and make your way through the 17 questions.

By dedicating 5-10 minutes of your time, you provide immensely valuable feedback in understanding the current situation and needs of the Ogre community. Your support is greatly appreciated.

PS: We would be glad if you could spread the word about the survey via all available channels to all potential Ogre users, because: The more participants, the more accurate are the results of course.